Useful Information

We started our homestay business in 2001. Since that time SamaraHostFamily has hosted tens of guests from USA, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium and Australia. You can read references from our guests. We can send you some other on request.

We answer, promptly and entirely free of charge, Samara-related questions of the sort that a knowledgeable person can respond to in 5 minutes from the top of his head or by flipping through telephone directories or Samara map.

Trans-Siberian Train Trip
Samara is a right place to start the trip. There is an international airport here and I think our new Railstation building is the biggest in Europe. I traveled from Samara to Irkutsk along Trans-Siberian railway about 5 years ago. Should you want to spend a few days in Samara, we’ll be happy to offer you our place to stay at. We will purchase your Trans-Siberian or any other tickets for you.If available, one of us could travel with your group. If not, we’ll try finding a suitable guide and assistant.

Volga River Cruises.
There are many kind of Volga Cruises in Samara in Summer time ranging from simple one-day puddle boat to luxury liner ones.