2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Free shuttles to the stadium for 2018 World Cup matches

In the days of matches on  June 17, June 21, June 25, June 28, July 2, July 7 FIFA 2018 guests will get shuttle buses to the roads of Samara, as well as a special tram route “Railway station – Stadium”.

  • Shuttle S1: Airport – Stadium – Revolution Square.
  • Shuttle S1k: Airport –  Stadium.
  • Shuttle S2: Parking # 1 (“Mega” shopping center) – Stadium – Glory Square.
  • Shuttle S2k: Parking № 1 (TC “Mega”) – Stadium.
  • Shuttle S3: Parking No 2 (TC “Ambar”) – Stadium.
  • Tram S5: Railway station –  Stadium. Intermediate stops: the Alabin Museum, Samara Square, Lenin Avenue, KRC “Zvezda”, Barboshina Glade.
  • Shuttle S7: Stadium – Glory Square.

Special routes will start their operation  4 hours before the game.


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Mobile phone /SIM card rental. Special offer for the FIFA World Cup 2018 guests. Prepaid SIM card for your phone. Only 15 USD.  Includes   150 minutes of outgoing calls, 50 sms and 3 GB Internet.  All incoming calls are free!

The best places in town

Woking tour:  Old City of Samara