Apartments for rent in Samara. FAQs.

Visa and registration questions

Do you provide tourist visa registration after I arrive in Samara?
Yes. The charge is $25 per person.

Reservation questions

How do I book an apartment?
Choose from our website preferable apartments and fill in your Personal and Arrival information.
Having checked availability, we will send you the invoice for the requested services within 24 hours from the moment your request was submitted. If services you request are unavailable we will offer you alternative options.
Then you will be able to make reservation prepayment depends of Payment Methods you choose. When using credit card/Paypal payment option, your booking will be confirmed within 24 hours from the moment your on-line payment is received.
Are there any hidden charges or taxes?
The prices indicated on our webpage include all taxes and commissions. There are no other hidden charges or fees.
How and where do I receive the keys and pay the remaining amount of rent?
You will receive the keys at the day of your check-in. Our representative will be waiting for you at the apartment at the agreed time to give you the keys and obtain the remaining amount of rent.
What is your booking cancellation and refund policy?
Booking of an apartment is a mutual commitment. We guarantee its availability for the whole period booked, and have to refuse to other clients interested in the apartment for conflicting periods. If you decide to cancel your booking 30 days or less from the scheduled arrival date, booking deposit will not be refunded. Cancel 31 days or more from the scheduled arrival date – 50% refund of deposit. The rent amount paid for the apartment is not refunded in case you decide to leave the apartment prior to the date agreed during booking.
For how long do you hold booking apartment?
In case of not arrival of our customers and not informing us about that before time of your arrival by phone or e-mail we are holding the booked apartment during several hours. In case of not receiving of information till that time, we cancel the booking without refund prepayment charge.
What is your regular check-in / check-out time?
Our regular check-out time is noon. At least two hours are needed to clean the apartment and prepare everything for the next client. Thus, the regular check-in time is 14:00. Early check-in or late check out can be provided only If possible. For guaranteed early check-in / check-out, it is recommended to book the previous/next night.
Can I have early check in?
Check -in time – 2pm (14:00), Check out time – 12pm (12:00)
Early check-in would be charged the half apartment rate.
Late check-out till 20.00 would be charged half apartment rate, after 20.00 – the full apartment rate. Late check-out available if this apartment has not reservation on this date.
Can my friend see apartment before I make reservation?
We don`t provide review of daily rent apartments in Samara by your friends, representative etc. because it is impossible. All of daily rent apartments are busy every day. And we cannot show you apartment while there live other clients. So you can book apartments by looking on their digital real photos. We also will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Payment questions

When I have to pay for an apartment?
The payments are made during the check-in for all term of rent in advance. Payment accepted in Rubles, USD or Euros.
Do you accept credit cards?
We accept payment by credit cards when you make reservation on-line. Other balance you should pay at cash after your arrival. There are many ATM at the central street of Samara and the airport where you can take cash from your credit card. If you have travel cheques you will be able to take cash from them at some banks of Samara.
If you would like to pay using your credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or Paypal, 8% of surcharge applies.

Arrival questions

Is transportation included in the prices of rentals?
No, transportation and other additional services are not included in the price of rentals.
What if I’m currently staying in a hotel (or another apartment) in Samara and I”d like to move to your apartment?
If you are currently in Samara and are not pleased with your hotel or apartment, just call us. If we have availability and you decide to transfer to one of our apartments, we’ll pick you up and take you to the apartment FREE OF CHARGE.
Is it true that the “Taxi Mafia” at the airport charges exorbitant amounts to take you from the airport into Samara?
Yes, once you arrive at the Samara airport, you’ll probably have to fend off the taxi drivers competing for your business. We recommend you to use our Airport transfer service. Our English-speaking driver will meet you as you exit from Baggage Claim/Customs. No reason to overpay or to communicate directions to a driver who speaks only Russian.

Living conditions

What services are included in the rent amount?
The rent covers once-a-week apartment cleaning and changing of bed linen, paying for electricity, gas, central heating, hot and cold water, local phone calls, if the apt has a regular phone. Additional services (cooking, shopping, more frequent cleaning) are possible for additional charge.
I have heard that Samara shuts off the hot water for a month in the summer. Can this possibly be true?
Yes, the city usually uses the summer to make repairs and improvements on its central hot water system. Certain neighborhoods are without hot water for several weeks during the six-month period of warm weather. Most of our apartments have a secondary source of hot water, i.e. a hot water heater, for your use during these periods.
How easy is it to find Internet access in Samara?
There are many Internet cafes in Samara, especially near the city center. In addition, most apartments have WiFi.
Can I meet with a friend at my apartment? have I pay for my girlfriend who will live with me?
Listed prices are for all apartment, not per person.
Yes, you can meet friends at your apartment and feel yourself free there.
Can I listen to music at the evening at my apartment?
Be careful with listen to music aloud or make a noise at the apartment after 11pm. Your neighbors are entitled to call police and you will have very big problems if policemen come in to you at the night.

Other questions

You offer an option to rent a mobile telephone while in Samara. Will I be able to receive calls and/or make international calls from my Samara mobile phone? Will I know the mobile number before I leave on my trip?
If you order the telephone you’ll have the telephone number before you leave your home country. You may also pre-pay to have the phone charged when you arrive ($5 minimum). The Samara mobile telephones we offer allow you to make and receive local calls, receive international calls and send SMS messages, domestic and international. You can buy a card from a local provider to be able to make international calls from your mobile phone by dialing a local access number.
I’m concerned about carrying large amounts of cash. Are there ATMs available in Samara?
ATMs are available throughout Samara. Most offer the option of receiving your withdrawal in US Dollars or Russian Rubles. Credit cards are becoming more and more accepted throughout Samara at restaurants, cafes, shops and super markets.
How easy is it to exchange currency in Russia?
Currency exchange is very easy in Samara because there are exchange booths scattered throughout the city. Some offer better rates than others and we’ll advise you where the best locations are for you to change your money. With prior arrangements, we will exchange some money for you and have it waiting for you when you arrive.
PLEASE NOTE: As you prepare for your trip, plan to bring currency that is new, un-marked and not torn. Otherwise, you may have difficulty exchanging it. While traveling, some people feel more comfortable carrying their cash in a hidden pouch or money belt, but that is up to you.