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Dear virtual guests of Samara region!


We would like to introduce to you the Samara region on the Web.

Not all aspects of our provincial life are yet reflected on the Web, especially in the English part of it. The amount of information in English cannot be compared with that in Russian. Nevertheless, you can take a glance over the resources that Samara servers offer you.
The most general information about region may be found on Samara region Administration server www.adm.samara.ru . It gives us data about: cities and rural areas, nature and industry, climate and population, authorities and social institutions, etc. There you’ll also find the geographical map of Samara region.



One of the most ancient periods of history, I century B.C. is well described by archaeologists on the site, dedicated to the first Slavs on the Volga: http://www.uic.ssu.samara.ru/~arch/ 



Samara, being closed for the foreigners for many years during the Soviet period has a well-developed spacecraft industry. The time came – now we can open these pages of the history. Look at the Cosmopark site to find out about the achievements of Samara engineers and workers on constructing different types of spaceships: http://internetelite.ru/cosmopark/


Wish to see your child drawings exposed in the official Children’s gallery? Use the link to the site of Samara Children’s Gallery, a museum with real and virtual exhibitions of children's masterpieces from different countries all over the world. One can find works from Bulgaria, China, Mozambique, Russia, the USA, Finland, Japan: http://www.uic.ssu.samara.ru/~chgal/

Anyone will be impressed by the icons, painted by the modern artists of Syzran city in the quite traditional style, which they follow after their fellow countryman Bochkaryv. The icon-painting workshop presents you samples of its masterpieces: http://www.info.syzran.ru/home/icon/index_e.html

If you’d like to order high quality electronic copies of the paintings by Russian or European artists you definitely need to study the site of "Agni" Publishing House: http://www.agni.samara.ru/eng/

It will take you to the online catalogue of fine art reproductions, show the works, which you may purchase. The production includes postcards and calendars, books and periodicals.

As a matter of fact Samara region is known all over the world for the famous and biggest in NIS Grushinsky Festival of “authors’ songs”. That means mainly live guitar songs in the manner, close to the country music, but more in the Russian cities music style. Its roots are from former 60-s. During the first weekend of July you may study about this music and poetry, about the camp life of more than 100 000 fans, coming to Grushin festival. Live translation for three years was translated from out-of-doors camp in the Internet: samara-grushin-festival.htm

Other sites are mainly dedicated to the modern musical trends, such as metal rock, progressive/avantgarde techno, etc. Key to these resources is the portal http://musica.mustdie.ru/en/ On all the sites the graphics by our leading designers will accompany you. Join the fans virtual club by the news subscription, forums and chats. The creators, writing both Russian and English, feel themselves as the part of the international fans’ team.


Another personal page, written, fortunately, in English, is the page of girl, who cal herself Princess: http://www.info.syzran.ru/home/princess/

“Samara Airlines”, one of the leading carriers in Russia and the largest in the Volga region, http://internetelite.ru/samara-airlines/english/index.html may bring you directly to Samara airport. 

While staying in our region, you’ll probably, need insurance service. One of the local companies “Samara Insurance Company” describes its services in English: http://www.integra.ru/projects/sam_insurance/





Serykh Lyudmila Al.




I am grateful to friends of mine, who checked English grammar - Karyasova Olga, Morgun Elena.