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Photos of Samara Russia

ll this photos of Samara and comments were made by Mark Pryma from Canada:
Mark stayed with us for 6 months and he liked Samara very much. When he was walking along streets of Samara and the weather was fine, he always took his digital camera with him. I selected these pictures out of hundreds of nice photos of Samara and Volga river taked by him. Mark has been writing a book about his adventures in Russia, our Bed-and-Breakfast and Samara women.

Catholic Church in Samara.4

Catholic Church

Samara City Theatre.

Samara Theatre

Glory Monument-13 metet figure on a 40 meter pedestal.

Glory Monument-13 meter figure on a 40 meter pedestal

ice on the volga.

Ice on the Volga

Mark soccer game. Samara

Mark. Soccer game.

Samara Bazaar.

Samara Bazaar

Sauna and cold dip on the Volga

Sauna and cold dip on the Volga

unknown building in Samara.

Unknown building in Samara

unknown building in Samara.

Vasily Chapayev-Russian civil war hero.

Vasily Chapayev-Russian civil war hero


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