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If you are going to Samara for business or for a private meeting - you can hire me as an interpreter for a reasonable price. Enjoy your trip to Samara Russia with English speaking guide and professional driver!


This service is available for any address in Russia. We will deliver and translate letters to any lady that you would like to write.

Send your letter to us at: samarabrides@narod.ru. Place the name of special lady and her address at the top of the page. When we receive your letter we will print it and mail it forward. With this procedure it is possible to send and receive a letter in as little as 3-5 days. If you would like a letter translated, we can do so.Your letter is printed, translated and sent to your lady by regular or registered mail to your choice. The mail service in Russia is unreliable, so we suggest that you use registered mail. Included in the envelope are instructions for replying, the original text and an addressed envelope. We can also read your message, translated into Russian, over the phone.

Russian to English, or English to Russian written translation $0.04/word
E-mail Forwarding by standart mail $3/letter
E-mail Forwarding by registered mail $5/letter
Printing out your picture or greeting card $1

If you decide that you would like to use this service now or in the future here is all you have to do. You first need to place some money in an account. The amount can be anything that you want, but we recommend a minimum of $20 to start with. Each time that a letter is sent we will deduct the charges from your account and send the receipt to your e-mail address. When the account is low or empty we will ask you to pay for the letter. You can place additional funds at any time you wish.




If you would like to send your lady flowers, candy, perfume, fruits or gifts we can do this for you. ... more




Cross-cultural and cross-continental relationships are difficult. Many times lapses in communication between our you and your lady may be due to a simple misunderstanding. We can telephone, write, or even pay an in-person visit when necessary to find out why the lapse in communication with your Russian sweetheart has taken place.
Although most Russian women seeking overseas grooms are sincere, there are, unfortunately, a few scammers... more



You can pay with MoneyGramm, Western Union Systems, credit card or send PAYPAL payment to Mikhail@StayInSamara.com. If you pay by credit card, an additional transaction surcharge (5%) will be applied.